Resolutions of Annual Meeting for Trust

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About this document

Running a trust is all about good governance. Your trustees should get together annually to discuss the trust assets and make decisions on how to manage the trust for the year ahead. Once you’ve made your decisions, you need to record them in as a set of trustee resolutions.

This interview will help you generate your resolutions by providing useful discussion points for your trustees.

You need to get started:

  • The name of the trust
  • The name of the the trustees
  • A sound knowledge of what assets the trust holds.

Interview time

Your resolutions will be ready for signing in less than 10 minutes.

Length of document

Approximately 1-3 pages long.

Type of document


This interview will generate a document based on the information provided by you. It does not and is not intended to represent legal advice or the practice of law (even if the information you input is based on suggestions or tips provided by us).

Please note: if you want professional assurance that this template and your interpretation of it is appropriate to your particular situation, we recommend that you consult with a lawyer authorised to practice law in your jurisdiction.