Deed of Commercial Lease

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About this document

This Commercial Deed of Lease is a comprehensive document, that requires everything that should be covered when you are leasing commercial premises to protect both yourself as the Landlord and also the Tenant.

Before you begin, you need to have the following information:

  1. The full name, address, email and telephone number of the Landlord/s; the Tenant and the Guarantor/s
  2. The Address of the Leased Premises;
  3. Full details of the Leased Premises, so that they can be easily identified. This document also allows you to include a floorplan if you have one.
  4. Full details of the weekly, monthly and annual rent that is to be paid by the Tenant.
  5. Full details of the weekly, monthly and annual rent that is paid for the car parks
  6. If the lease includes The landlord's Fixtures and Fittings, then make sure you have a full detailed list of these. You have the option of including them in this Document or adding them as an Addendum
  7. A full list of what you require the Tenant to do at the end of the lease to ensure that the Premises are returned to you in exactly the same state as they were when the Lease began. Again you have the choice of including these within this Lease Document or adding them as an Addendum.
  8. Know what the penalty rate of interest is should your Tenant not pay on time
  9. Know how much a judgement awarded against your Tenant is that justifies you terminating the Lease Immediately.

REMEMBER, we will be reviewing your answers and making necessary changes before we send the document back to you for review, so know that we are always here to help you to ensure that the final document is correct.

Completion of the questions so that we can complete the Document for you should take you around 30 minutes.

Remember, we have attached a draft Deed of Lease for you to review, so if you are unsure about something, you can always go back to that and check.