About Us

So who am I talking to on ICC’s website?

You are talking with me, Bradley Watson. I practiced law here in New Zealand for over 20 years. Around 2007, I became ill from working too hard and as a result of that, I started letting things slip, which resulted in me not being permitted to practice law any more. My passion was to be able to think “outside the square box” for my clients, which unfortunately, is something that someone who wants to practice law in New Zealand is restrained from doing for fear of replications from the powers that be!

As my health improved, I realised that there was a huge number of you all out there that wanted advice outside the square box, from a commercial angle, to help enable you to achieve what you want. That is exactly what we are all about; namely to think outside the square box for you and help sort out exactly what it is that you want.

The Team

Yes, you are dealing with me directly, however I work closely with Accountants, Financial Advisers, IT experts and liaise with practising Barristers and Solicitors, Company Directors, who all assist with ensuring that what we offer on the ICC Website, is top-quality. I am honoured to call them all My Team.

The Passion

It has always been my passion to be able to provide assistance to others based on my prior successes and failures, so that to the best of our ability, we can provide you with success. We all need help, assistance and advice about what we are doing, but more often than not the cost of getting this, is beyond our financial means. That is where we step in, because our passion and our wish is to provide you with professional advice and documentation that you can rely upon, at less than 1/3 of what you would normally have to pay should you have to see a Solicitor and/or an Accountant.

The Future

Well, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We all want a healthy future. From where ICC stands, we are here to stay. That means that we will constantly be updating this Website, to ensure that it provides you all with what you want. If there is something that is not here and you would like it to be here, then let us know and we will oblige.