Shareholders' Resolution to a Major Transaction

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About this document

As a director of a company, your company cannot enter into a major transaction without a resolution from the shareholders to approve it. 

A major transaction is any of the following three:

  1. acquiring assets which are valued at more than half the value of the company’s current assets; or
  2. getting rid of more than half of the value of the company’s assets; or
  3. half acquiring rights, interests, obligations, or liabilities valued at more than half the value of the company’s current assets.

This flow will have your shareholder resolution prepared in a matter of minutes.

You will need to know

  • the resolution(s) which were voted on
  • the names of the shareholders that voted and
  • the way the resolution was passed.

Interview time

If you have the above information the interview will take you approximately 5 minutes

Type of document

Word document

Length of document

1-2 pages

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