Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA")

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About this document

Often a Business will be dealing with third parties with respect to matters such as:

  • Fixing their computer system;
  • Requiring assistance with the development and implementation of systems and applications specific to the business being carried out;
  • Repairs to computers;
  • Restructuring of the Business;
  • Installation of Accounting Systems;
  • Negotiating with third parties with respect to the likes of joint ventures;
  • Disclosing confidential information to potential purchasers of the business.

In these circumstances and of course others, your confidential information and intellectual property will be disclosed to these third parties, either directly, or through the service that they are undertaking.

It is essential for you to protect all this confidential information and intellectual property, to avoid all or any part of it being used by one of these third parties in competition against you, or sold to one of your competitors, or otherwise used to your detriment.

This is why you need to have these third parties sign an NDA, to ensure that they do not disclose to anyone else this protected and valuable information to other parties. If they do so, they face the serious consequences that are detailed in this document.

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