Disputes Tribunal Claim Form

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About the Disputes Tribunal

  1. If you have a dispute with someone else and after all attempts by you to sort things out and the problem has not been sorted out by the other party, then it is important that you file a claim with the Disputes Tribunal.
  2. The maximum amount you can claim against the other party through the Disputes Tribunal $30,000.00
  3. So much incredibly cheaper and quicker to follow this process to commence proceedings at the District Court.
  4. The types of claims you can make through the Disputes Tribunal are:
  5. When someone owes you money;
  6. When someone has failed to finish something that they contract with you to complete;
  7. Issues over a car accident;
  8. You have been provided with faulty goods or workmanship;
  9. You are having a problem with your neighbour over fencing or boundaries;
  10. You have incurred some form of loss or damage to property you own a result of other persons actions.

About the Disputes Tribunal Procedure

  1. The process begins by you filing your claim and paying the fee.
  2. If your claim is under $2000.00, then the fee is $45.00
  3. If your claim is between $2001.00, but less than $5000.00, then the fee is $90.00
  4. If your claim is between $5000.00 and $30,000.00, then the fee is $180.00.
  5. Once your claim has been filed, then the other party/parties are given time to file their statements of defence.
  6. Once this has all been completed, the Disputes Tribunal will advise you of the time of the hearing.
  7. The hearing is not like being in court. It consists of the Reviewer, yourself and a supporting party (if you require a supporting party), the other party/parties also with a supporting party if they require this.
  8. Time given for a hearing is 2 hours.
  9. If either yourself or the other party/parties have witnesses, they are required to stay outside, until they are called.
  10. The hearing takes place in a room with you all sitting around a table. The Claimant will speak first going over submissions prepared prior to the hearing. The other party/parties will then be entitled to speak. The Reviewer is extremely strict with preventing any other party from interjecting when one party is speaking. The Reviewer will ask questions of all parties during this process. At the end of the hearing, if everyone has been heard, the Reviewer will adjourn the hearing. He will then go away to make his decision which is normally back to you within 2 to 3 weeks.

What you need to complete this Document

  1. Your full name of or Company Name if your Company is lodging a claim;
  2. Your address;
  3. Your telephone number and email number;
  4. All the same information for whom you are making the claim against;
  5. Details of:
  6. The amount you are claiming;
  7. Details on how the claim arose (e.g. non-repayment of the loan; the value of work that of the Respondent failed to complete; the cost to fix your car from an accident that was the Respondent's fault of, etc
  8. Documentation to support your claim (e.g. signed some form of loan agreement; details of what the Respondent contracted with you to complete and details of what was not completed; proof of Respondent being liable for a car accident and a quote for how much is required to fix the vehicle etc
  9. Details of when and how (i.e. date and email/letter/meeting/telephone call) you have contacted the Respondent in an effort to sort your claim out;
  10. Details of any form of correspondence/documentation that you have received from the Respondent.
  11. The best and easiest way to commence proceedings in the Disputes Tribunal is to go on to their Site and commence everything through their site. We can of course do this for you, should you wish. The other alternatives for you hard to sign your claim and either post or deliver to the District Court which is closest to where your Respondent resides/carries on business, along with payment of the fee.
  12. We strongly recommend that you allow us to look after you and file your claim and deal with the Disputes Tribunal on your behalf. Our services also extend to drafting submissions for you and if you would like, for us to provide you with a supporting person at the hearing and present your submissions and answer the Reviewers questions on your behalf.

Time to complete the Questionnaire

Be concise and thorough. You can save and come back to answering the questions, however, if you have everything at hand, depending on the complexity of your claim, it will probably take you approximately 60 minutes to complete. DON'T WORRY, if something is not quite correct when we receive your completed questionnaire, we will corrected ourselves or come back to you. REMEMBER, once we have returned to you the completed document, you can then go through it yourself and come back to us with any changes that you would like. ALSO, you can also review the Example Document that we have provided you, to help you understand the information that is required.

Type of document


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