No, we are not. Having said that, we are a team of professionals who come from commercial and legal backgrounds with some of us having had over 20 years of experience practising law, before choosing to enter into the commercial market. As such, we have used all our past experience and current commercial knowledge to create documentation and provide you with very sound commercial advice

Yes they are. If however, if you need Legal Advice, then you need to approach Barristers and Solicitors (i.e. Lawyers) to obtain this, because as we do not practice law, we are not permitted by law to give you Legal Advice. That does not mean of course that the information that we provide you, is not legally enforceable.

Our Website provides you with different Categories (e.g. “Company Matters”). Within each Category, we have a list of items that you may require assistance with. It is then for you to choose which item/s you require our help with. With each item, we have provided you with an example of what you will get for the price shown. It is then up to you to complete the questionnaires provided to enable the first part of the process to be completed. We will review your answers and the documentation you require and then will forward to you for review. This may include further questions from us to clarify matters. Thereafter, we communicate with you directly until everything is completed to your satisfaction. If what you need help with is not there, then simply complete the Bot called "SOMETHING ELSE" and let us know what it is that you would like us to help you with, to enable us to get back to you to discuss.

Absolutely! If you look on our website, we have provided you with a way that you can contact us directly to request the assistance that you require by clicking on the Bot called "SOMETHING ELSE" and letting us know what type of assistance you do require, so that we can then discuss with you directly.

We have developed this completely automated site to enable you to obtain specific documentation and one-on-one professional commercial advice, tailored to your needs, without you having to move from your home or your office. If you need to speak with us directly, then we use Video Conferencing, emailing and telephone, which avoids both the time and expense of you having to meet with us in our offices.

Definitely not! We review all documentation after you have answered all the questions provided before we send it to you to review. Thereafter, we communicate with you directly to ensure that you have received exactly what you have paid for.

All your information, documentation and advice remain private and confidential at all times and will not be shared with a third party without your prior written consent (e.g where you have requested us to forward information to an Accountant, a Lawyer, or a Specialist). We do not sell our Client Lists or Client Information.