Separation Agreement (NZ)

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About this document

When your relationship is on the rocks and you want to separate from your partner, you’d be smart to create a Separation Agreement. Breaking up is hard to do, and this is a straightforward and affordable way for you to create a Separation Agreement.

If you and your spouse can agree to the terms of your separation, then there’s no need to pay an expensive lawyer to create a Separation Agreement for you. By working through our tool, you can record important details such as child custody arrangements, maintenance, how to split up your stuff and how to divide shared debt. It might not be fun, but many couples find that working through a Separation Agreement provides closure during this time of change.

This interview is suitable for those who have already divided their chattels, and who are in agreement that the family home should be sold, or that one party should purchase the other's share of the property.

Length of document

Approximately 7-9 pages long.

Type of document


Important note: this product is a legal document that does not include the provision of any legal advice. You and your partner each need to consult with a separate lawyer prior to signing the agreement for the agreement to be legitimised.

This interview will generate a document based on the information provided by you. It does not and is not intended to represent legal advice or the practice of law (even if the information you input is based on suggestions or tips provided by us). We can however refer you to a Solicitor who can give you the independent legal advice that you require to validate this document, at a set price.